Dylan Svobodny for Customer Stories

May 05, 2022

Re: safety planning mini series - workshops and ReSolutions approach.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dylan Svobodny, CPS, Clay County Social Services

What was the best part about your learning experience with SafeGenerations?

Dylan Svobodny: Hello, everyone. I'm a Child Protection Investigator in Minnesota. I just completed the SafeGenerations training with Susie Essex and out of that training I really felt like it was helpful in order to feel like I wasn't alone in doing this work. I felt like I've done trainings this year quite a bit and the this training in particular and the SafeGenerations training has been the best, the one that I've most enjoyed. I really felt like the trainers have done the work themselves and you don't always feel that way. But in this one I definitely did. And the feedback and advice I got felt like it could directly apply to the work that I'm doing, which made me feel like it was worth my time. And so I'd highly recommend the safe generations training. I think that that's the best part was hearing from here and from the trainers about work that they've done. That. I felt like I could directly apply to what I do. Thanks

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