Samir Smajic for SaaSiest CEO Network Video Testimonials

October 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Samir Smajic

What is the main value that the SaaSiest CEO membership brings you?

Samir Smajic: The best thing with the network are the members. So they have put together really high profile members with a lot of good knowledge. And for me as a CEO to join that and take the time to actually discuss things in a organized manner is what is really good for me and gives a lot of value.

How is the SaaSiest CEO network different from other CEO networks (and why is this difference key for your participation)?

Samir Smajic: The most important part of being in a network is that you feel comfortable and that you trust the network. And this is where I think it really differs because it is feeling like a smaller network in the different groups. And you then share knowledge and you share your challenges. And that is a big difference in other groups where I've been a member where you don't really dare to do that fully and then you don't get the full value of it.

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