Rasmus Holst for SaaSiest CEO Network Video Testimonials

January 03, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rasmus Holst

What is the main value that the SaaSiest CEO membership brings you?

Rasmus Holst: I mean, first and foremost, SaSiest makes me feel entirely like a king. So um they even gave me my own castle. But moreover, actually, the team that I'm in the CEO team, one is a phenomenal place to have sparring ideas where I meet a lot of like-minded people. And they have a lot of great views on how I can be better at operating my business, how we can take ideas from them. And I think the openness to share and the willingness to both talk about failures and talk about the positive things that we all see in our business. That's a fairly spectacular way of, of bonding. And then also on top the events that SaaSiest put together some of the best ones for the community to get together. I think the network is phenomenal, creating that community feel that we can actually build something great in Scandinavia that we can actually reach beyond the borders, that we can be great in America and we can be great everywhere in the world and build big, big businesses. And I think that's very special and SaaSiest and then it's very difficult not to recognize both Daniel and Thomas for their energy. They show up on every call with a level of energy. That's just second to none. And if you've ever been in their presence, they drive a lot of the, uh the outbound activity and a lot of enthusiasm. And you feel that as a member, you have to participate with the same level of, of joy, the same level of enthusiasm, the same level of energy, which is also one of the best places or one of the best things about the SaaSiest network.

How is the SaaSiest CEO network different from other CEO networks (and why is this difference key for your participation)?

Rasmus Holst: The SaaSiest CEO network is probably different from other CEO networks in the sense that we try to be fairly open about our business. We see it very much as a closed forum. We see it very much as people we can trust to give you good advice. And I think the respect for each other that you can actually take problems which are significant for the business and have that conversation with other like minded CEOs is very special and creating that forum is not easy because it requires that everyone who participates is willing to both admit failure, but also to share the successes in the thought that the community by knowing both successes and failures will actually be better. I'm lucky enough to be in a fantastic group for me personally, I asked the group for help on M&A and especially the post merger integration. And actually a lot of the advice that we got for or I got from that uh session was put in action with the team here at LMS365. I think the integration of weekly 10, now six weeks down the line, we've already closed. The first set of combined business. We focused on the sales as all of those kind of things which were all recommendations from, from my group. Just help me not jump into pitfalls that I might otherwise have done. So, in essence, the openness, the willingness to share and the trusted partnership that you can actually have with the team members and then brilliantly narrated and brilliant and moderated by either Thomas or Daniel from SaaSiest.

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