Jakob Lunøe for SaaSiest CEO Network Video Testimonials

October 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jakob Lunøe

What is the main value that the SaaSiest CEO membership brings you?

Jakob Lunøe: The main value I get from being in the CEO Network is having a small trusted group of people that I can turn to and I can talk to and I have these monthly meetings with where I can share my business challenges. they share theirs and we understand each other. We are the same place. We have the same growth, growth hack wishes and we uh we understand the difficulties in running a company and also the upsides and the great stuff about it so really trusted and sharp group of people being in the same situation as myself. So that makes it amazing.

How is the SaaSiest CEO network different from other CEO networks (and why is this difference key for your participation)?

Jakob Lunøe: I've been part of a lot of different types of business networks. And this one specifically is, better and more beneficial for me because it's, we understand each other. We, we talk about the same metrics. We understand the same way of running a subscription based business where other business networks are good and you can have plenty of good discussions. But this one is like a native thing, you're in the same tribe. And I think uh that makes for very much more valuable discussions and insights. So that's why I'm, I'm a happy member of that.

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