Avtar S. Jasser for SaaSiest CEO Network Video Testimonials

October 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Avtar S. Jasser

What is the main value that the SaaSiest CEO membership brings you?

Avtar S. Jasser: The main value of participating in the CEO Network is that I get to talk to people who are in similar situations that I am in, who have been or are facing similar challenges. So the discussions are very relevant and to the point.

How is the SaaSiest CEO network different from other CEO networks (and why is this difference key for your participation)?

Avtar S. Jasser: The difference between the SaaSiest CEO network and other CEO networks is that here you meet CEOs of SaaS companies started in Northern Europe. Building a SaaS company is different than building other kind of companies because SaaS has its own logic. Building a company started in Northern Europe is different than building a SaaS company started in the US. This is why I find the SaaSiest CEO network much more relevant to me than other networks.

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