Niklas Olsson for SaaSiest Digital 2022 speakers

September 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Niklas Olsson, COO, Questback

Niklas Olsson: Hi there. I'm Niklas Olsson, CEO at Questback. At my session at SaaSiest Digital, I would talk about goal setting frameworks. It will be an overview of the topic, with a focus on the whys... Why you should work with a structured goal setting framework in your organization, with a lot of focus on my specialty in OKRs and how we work with goals, with OKRs I hope to be able to give something interesting both for you that have never worked with, or heard about OKRs before or work structured ways with goals from previously, but also for you that already work OKRs. That have tried implementations with OKRs from before. Good.

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