Sindre Haaland for Content Contributor Introduction

September 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sindre Haaland, CEO & Founder, SalesScreen

What is your professional background?

Sindre Haaland: As the CEO and founder of SalesScreen, this is where I have most of my professional background, that's taken us from only being me to being a company with offices all around the globe. And I had the pleasure of working with some exceptional people from different backgrounds and cultures. Prior to this company I was a developer so I have some experience in IT consultancy and development work.

What will you write about as a Content Contributor to SaaS Nordic?

Sindre Haaland: As the creator of the sales gamification space, it's natural that I'm going to focus on gamification and on sales in general. So I'm gonna write content about, you know, human psychology, motivation, how to get people engaged, excited at work, working from home, working in a hybrid environment. I'm also going to talk about best practices in sales, particularly in outbound sales, which is a key interest field for me.

Why are you a member of the SaaS Nordic community?

Sindre Haaland: As a first time founder, it's tremendously valuable to have communities like SaaS Nordic and SaaStr, or other types of communities where you can learn from others of what's gonna, the types of challenges that you're most likely gonna meet around the next corner. But for me personally, it's also, you know, something that I want to pay back, especially in the Nordic community as of gone international and picked up a thing or two.

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