Sascha Skydsgaard for Content Contributor Introduction

August 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sascha Skydsgaard, CSO, TimeLog A/S

What is your professional background?

Sascha Skydsgaard: Hi, my name is Sascha Skydsgaard I'm from Timelog and I'm super excited to be content creator here for SaaS Nordic. I come with the background from Software as a Service industry for the last 15 years and I have been working with commercial roles as a CMO and now CSO. So I have the benefits of having both the marketing side, and the sales side, and the customer success side in the different roles I've had.

What will you write about as a Content Contributor to SaaS Nordic?

Sascha Skydsgaard: Some of the content I will be writing about will, of course, come with the commercial aspect in it. One of the first pieces will be about how to set up an SDR internal organization. So we've been focusing on that for the past year. So the learnings and experience, the failures and successes, to give it back to everybody else that's in the same situation, want to set that up.

Why are you a member of the SaaS Nordic community?

Sascha Skydsgaard: I'm a member of the SaaS community and actually I've been following Daniel and Thomas right from the beginning when they started this up, I think it's a fantastic place for, especially here in the Nordics, we have a lot of cool companies, SaaS companies where we can share experiences and lift each other up to grow and reach the levels that we know we can. So, by meeting a lot of cool people in the same industry as what I'm in right now has been really good. Love the networking and the idea exchanges that's already been giving and the events, where it's the focus on the SaaS industry.

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