Katrine Rasmussen for Content Contributor Introduction

August 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Katrine Rasmussen, CMO, Pixelz

What is your professional background?

Katrine Rasmussen: So I spent my entire career working in marketing. I've been around a little bit. I spent a few years working in e-Com, spent some time at a digital media agency. But the majority of my time I've spent working within... Software as a Service, B2B in tech, which is also where you'll find me today as the CMO at Pixelz heading a small but awesome marketing team.

What will you write about as a Content Contributor to SaaS Nordic?

Katrine Rasmussen: I'll probably be writing about things like account-based marketing, event marketing, social selling. But I'm also quite passionate about team, culture, distributed teams working from home, leadership management, all of that, so it might be a little bit of a mixed bag coming from my side.

Why are you a member of the SaaS Nordic community?

Katrine Rasmussen: So I'm a member of the SaaS Nordic community because I've always found tremendous value in networking and sharing knowledge. And I'm a content contributor because I always seem to run out of space when I try to write a post for LinkedIn.

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