Elif Schmidt for Content Contributor Introduction

September 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elif Schmidt, CEO, Oxceed

What is your professional background?

Elif Schmidt: My professional background is within the Telecom industry. I started working for Samsung in 2004. Then I moved to London and I worked for the operator 3, and then back to Sweden again in 2009, where I worked for a large mobile distributor. And then I became CEO of two companies within a global mobile accessory distributor, where I was until a year and a half ago, when I joined Oxceed as a CEO. Oxceed is a SaaS Fintech solution.

What will you write about as a Content Contributor to SaaS Nordic?

Elif Schmidt: I will write about leadership. Leadership is my passion and something that I take, and put a lot of effort in and I put a lot of time in and I think about it a lot and I try different things and new things and I think it's extremely important to work on leadership and culture building. When you're moving, when you're working in such a fast pace industry, you really need to get the whole team with you. So I'm gonna write about leadership.

Why are you a member of the SaaS Nordic community?

Elif Schmidt: I am part of the SaaS Nordic community because I get a lot from it I'm new to the SaaS industry since since I used to work in Telecom and this community is very, it's a very open community. People are sharing a lot of information. People want to learn, people want to connect. So it gives me a lot of education and it keeps me on my toes as well, since I'm constantly being exposed to learning new things. So that's why I'm in the community.

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