Alexandra Sevelius for Content Contributor Introduction

August 31, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alexandra Sevelius, CMO, ONEiO

What is your professional background?

Alexandra Sevelius: For the past 8 years, I've marketed B2B SaaS software at RELEX Solutions, which is a supply chain planning software. I led the marketing team there. Growing it from a team of 3 when I joined to a team of almost 40 while the company grew from a company of 60 people to 1500 people.

What will you write about as a Content Contributor to SaaS Nordic?

Alexandra Sevelius: I will be writing about localizing marketing on the SaaS Nordic blog. So not just thinking about translation, but what does it actually mean to contain your marketing strategy? Think about localization and what are the things or the aspects that you need to think about, to make the decision if you want to actually localize your marketing to the local markets that you're going after, or are you going to kind of, keep it as a global marketing that just does things in English?

Why are you a member of the SaaS Nordic community?

Alexandra Sevelius: I'm a member of the SaaS Nordic community because it's just a great community of peers that are kind of either winning or struggling with the same aspects that I am as well. And I feel like I can learn the most actually from, reading about what other people are doing, discussing with others, how they've either overcome some challenges or, or maybe just kind of exchange what we may be struggling with. But just the fact that there are others in the same position, and in similar companies, is really valuable.

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