Amanda Bradley for Customer Testimonial Videos

November 10, 2022

Amazing and Inspiring words of Health

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amanda Bradley

How did you first discover Riverside Weight Loss?

Amanda Bradley : Okay. I first heard about Riverside's weight loss program whenever they first started it because I was a patient there, a regular patient I still am. Um I've been going there for several years and there just came a point in my life where I realized I need help to lose weight. Um trying this diet stuff on my own, any healthy on my own and it's just not getting me anywhere. And I actually heard lots of good things about it through patients there. Um when I was there for physical therapy and other things, I would watch patients come in with their weight just melting off. And I just realized then that I need to give this a try.

What were the reasons behind your desire to lose weight?

Amanda Bradley : My desire to lose weight came on as I just kept seeing the numbers on the scale creep up and up and up. It seemed like every year was £10 more and more. I got to where I hated, hated going to the fitting rooms, trying on clothes, nothing just ever looked good. I felt sluggish and tired and I just didn't feel good about myself and I just knew I had to lose some weight.

How was your experience and how has this program affected your life?

Amanda Bradley : my experience with Riverside's finding physical medicines. Weight loss program was amazing. They're not Any words to just describe how much it has changed my life without the program, I would lose 5, 10 lb, then I would gain it all right back plus some. But once I did this program, it not only helped me get my weight off pretty quickly. It taught me how to live a new life where I can keep the weight off. I have kept £60 off for almost a year now. And it's because of the things I learned through the program, how I learned to eat the right way, the right foods. And it also told me why, okay, those foods do the things they do that aren't good for you and why the healthier foods help you maintain a healthy weight. So I learned so much. It wasn't just a quick fix here, eat this for a week and you'll lose weight. No, it was a lifelong learning journey that I went through. And I think without that program, there's no way I could have ever lost that amount of weight, especially as quickly as I did and then now keep it off and I'm thankful for it. It really has changed my life

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