Warren Zenna for Chief Revenue Officer Summit

February 07, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Warren Zenna

Warren Zenna: Hey, I'm Warren Zenna. I'm the founder of the CRO Collective, and the mission of the CRO Collective is to help CROs succeed and help founders build CRO ready organizations.

What can people learn from your session at Chief Revenue Officer Summit?

Warren Zenna: What can you learn at my session at the CRO summit? So, I'm gonna be talking about a couple of things. One is I'm gonna be uh providing more precision in terms of how the Chief Revenue Officer role should be defined. CROs are being missapointed and most CROs only last around 16 to 17 months, so you'll learn a great deal about some best practices of how to appoint a Chief Revenue Officer. What Chief Revenue Officers actually do and what kind of value a CEO or a company can get from hiring a CRO properly and supporting them properly. I'm also gonna be walking through my CRO Revenue Engine framework, which is a basically a blueprint or a road map for how Chief Revenue Officer should be viewing their role. And I also will be chairing the event that day, so you'll be hearing from me throughout the event as we discuss all the topics from the great speakers and I look forward to seeing it there.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Warren Zenna: So here's a couple of nuggets of wisdom that I expect you'll get from the talks that I do. So for Chief Revenue Officers who are in the audience, you're absolutely going to get a number of aha moments about ways in which you can mitigate the issues that you're experiencing as a Chief Revenue Officer. I'm very familiar with the challenges that CROs have and these aha moments will be very specifically actionable moment ways in which you can effectuate your leadership better to ensure that your job is more effective. And also you gain a little bit more authority in the way that you're able to activate in your day to day role for Chief Executive Officers who are at the conference, they're going to get a big aha moment about how it is they need to deploy and manage and support their Chief Revenue Officer and probably have their notions of what a Chief Revenue Officer does challenged a bit and maybe rethink how they should be utilizing the person who's in that role. And for what I call aspiring CROs, people who want to be Chief Revenue Officers, you're gonna get a lot of wisdom about ways in which you can prepare yourself for the role and what things to look out for and how to start from day one successfully. So I look forward to seeing you there.

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