Stewart Townsend for Chief Revenue Officer Summit

November 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stewart Townsend, CRO at Podcast Hawk

Stewart Townsend: Hi, my name is Stewart Townsend, I'm the CRO of Podcast Hawk.

What can people learn from your session at Chief Revenue Officer Summit?

Stewart Townsend: Hi, my sessions focused on AI in sales and we talk through some of the use cases, some of the pluses, the negatives, how you can use it in a copilot mode and training and generally as a CRO how you need to think about it from a strategy across your team, but also all the sort of offerings that are available now and how fast things are moving. But of course, the legalities around it as well, what's the impact of the organisation? So, I hope you enjoy it.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Stewart Townsend: So, if there's one thing that you take away from my session, it's a long session is think about strategy. If you use any AI tools at all. And again, machine learning, big data, we've all been there before, but look to all sort of new technologies for the teams, you can use any AI at all, think about it from a strategic point of view. What's the impact across all the business units that you're involved with and working with and align that strategy together? Don't put it in a silo, don't just think about it and put it in a silo. Think about it as a strategic aspect for 2024, you can put together, articulate, go back to the board and then move that forward and actually have it as an overall arching strategy to generate more revenue for your team, make more operational efficiency and enjoy their jobs.

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