Stewart Townsend for AI for Revenue Summit

January 23, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stewart Townsend, CRO at Podcast Hawk

Stewart Townsend: Hi, Stewart Townsend, the CRO of Podcast Hawk.

What can people learn from your session at AI for Revenue Summit?

Stewart Townsend: So my session is going to talk about and give real world use cases of how A I is being used in revenue generating roles, I suppose. So, SDRs, sales marketing, that sort of thing. So lead scoring, outbound calling, I'm actually going to put some products into play and test them and sort of show that in the session as well. I'm talking about those use cases as well around that. You know, what's the implications around that? What's the legalities, all that sort of thing as well. So it would be very sort of far and wide, but actually demonstrable. Um I'm not going to talk about anything that you couldn't go out and buy tomorrow and set up with the resources to get it up and running within couple of weeks, a couple of days, whatever it may be, but it's live and available and these aren't just scripts, these are actual products that are on the shelf. So we're gonna walk through that and can then take that away and go look at them test demo and see what you like.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Stewart Townsend: So the key for me is when you leave the session is that you go away thinking about how AI could be used in a CRO role inside the business across different sectors. Use cases scenarios where basically it's like how could you get started now on what's blocking you from actually moving forward and implicating, implicating, starting to use some of these products and some of these ideas and thoughts that we're talking about, it's just not uh about generalization, it's about actually how use cases and how to get started. So for me, the key as long as you walk away, I have to watch that, I think actually I can go and test on that. Now, I'd like to know some more want to explore a little bit further. But you can actually go away and get started. And it's not just pie in the sky ideas and thoughts, it's actual real life elements that you can get started on now and start to look at your business.

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