James Underhill-Revenue Operations Summit New York

February 21, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: James Underhill, Senior Director of Sales Strategy & Intelligence, MongoDB

James Underhill: Hi, everyone. My name is James Underhill and I own sales tooling in MongoDB. I think of myself as a product manager of the experience of a rep interacting with a suite of tools that they need to do their job. A lot of what we're working on focusing on now has been on generative AI more generous models. We also maintain relationships with core systems like Salesforce, new vendors, And we also do a lot of custom application development.

Tell us about the presentation you'll be doing at Revenue Operations Summit New York

James Underhill: Over the last year MongoDB, we've been thinking a lot about how A I is going to change the nature of go to market. And we've been able to implement a number of very successful tools that I'm keen to talk about. But more broadly, I'm interested to talk about how I think about the role of sales changes in an environment where AI is widespread. And also think about how we as revenue ops professionals can respond to the changing environment, understand what we can do, what tools we want to lean into and how it's going to change productivity across sales organizations.

What will attendees learn from your presentation at Revenue Operations Summit New York

James Underhill: My hope is through my session, they have some ideas of how you can adapt your tooling stack to be able to help enable your reps achieve higher productivity. And think through how their role might change in a world where certain functions can be replaced, certain functions might need to be augmented and ultimately, where you can optimize your resources most effectively in a world where AI is ubiquitous.

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