Ben Jones for Chief Revenue Officer Summit San Francisco

July 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ben Jones, Director of Sales Enablement, Kantata

Please introduce yourself.

Ben Jones: Hi, my name's Ben Jones and I'm the Director of Sales Enablement at Kantata.

What can people learn from your session at Chief Revenue Officer Summit San Francisco?

Ben Jones: During the session, I'll be joined by Kantata's Chief Revenue Officer, JD Miller. And we'll be discussing our strategies and some of the key learnings from our journey through merging two organizations and successfully unifying our sales processes. We'll be sharing real world examples of how we launched our methodologies and newly defined sales playbooks. We'll discuss challenges and road blocks that we met along the way and how we overcame them and adapted whilst continuing to move forward. And finally, we'll be sharing practical guidance around how we embedded a culture of coaching that included training and certifying 150 or so of our sales and marketing team members on key skills and techniques from the playbook that would drive maximum results.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Ben Jones: I'm excited to share with the audience and insights into the journey of creating our very first sales playbook. We have so many invaluable lessons learned from the process of putting together such a comprehensive and all encompassing piece of work that captures best practices, methodologies, sells, process, sells plays and so much more. In addition to then launching the playbook at SKO and coaching and certifying all of our global selling teams to ensure they adopt and use it to maximum effect. JD, he'll be joining me and the leadership team are instrumental in helping me to drive the project forwards. So again, we're excited to share this journey and our many learnings with you.

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