Sandy Robinson for Revenue Marketing Summit San Francisco

September 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sandy Robinson, SVP of Revenue Operations, Patra

Sandy Robinson: Hey, everyone. Sandy Robinson here. I'm the SVP of Revenue Operations at Patra.

Tell us about your session at Revenue Marketing Summit San Francisco.

Sandy Robinson: Does anybody's tech stack look like a Franken stack? I bet a lot of you can relate. I'm going to talk about rev tech or revenue technology, which is any system that directly or indirectly influences the customer's buying journey. Let's talk about a framework and how different folks in different departments can really work together by putting the customer first at the center of the technology. So we can break down barriers and silos and try to work for more integrated systems that can help uh ease up the customer buying journey, drive revenue quicker and really work together for the sake of the customer. I'm super excited about this. You'll walk away with a framework on, you know that you, you can walk back to your organization and start working through and start having these conversations internally, talk about real scenarios and real things that actually happen in the real world. I've got lots of stories to tell. So look forward to also engaging, interacting and understanding what your tech stack looks like. And if it's a Franken stack or not

Sandy Robinson: Come join me in San Francisco at the Revenue Marketing Summit. I am super excited to be there and meet all of you and talk about our revenue technology.

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