Paul Peterman for Revenue Marketing Summit Seattle

May 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paul Peterman, Senior Managing Director, Reddit

Paul Peterman: Hi, I'm Paul Peterman with Reddit.

What will you be discussing Revenue Marketing Summit Seattle?

Paul Peterman: At this year's Revenue Marketing Summit. I'm gonna be talking about the shift that's happening online. The shift from me to we people are choosing to spend more time with online communities because it's where they're leaning into uh things like trust and authenticity, especially as it relates to recommendations and reviews for products and for brands. So I'm also gonna be talking about what this means for marketers because there is a really big opportunity to rethink your product marketing life cycle uh to put community and trust and authenticity at the center of all that. So I look forward to getting to dive into that together.

Paul Peterman: Join me at the Revenue Marketing Summit.

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