Landon Mattison for Revenue Marketing Summit Denver

March 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Landon Mattison, Head of Growth, Crescent

Landon Mattison: Everybody. My name is Landon Madison and I am going to be on one of the upcoming panels at the Revenue Marketing Summit in april I'm the head of growth of an early stage B two B fintech company called Crescent which builds software that makes it really easy for companies of all sizes to earn more on their idle capital. Prior to crescent, I spent some time working in the infrastructure and architecture space at a company called J E. O consulting Group where I helped to lead marketing and brand initiatives across our 10 different verticals. And I also started a small consultancy for nonprofits and smaller businesses that basically just worked with them to introduce the early building blocks for building an in house marketing team. So I'm super excited to be a part of this conference. The list is absolutely killer in terms of speakers and I hope you guys all come

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Revenue Marketing Summit?

Landon Mattison: I'm going to be on a panel that's discussing how to understand and identify your customers. I think it's gonna be a really interesting conversation with a bunch of different perspectives. I know I'm going to be coming from a more early stage perspective, whereas there are some more established brands that are going to have totally different practices, so I'm hoping it's gonna be a lively conversation and that anybody that joins is gonna have some fun.

Landon Mattison: Join me at the Revenue Marketing Summit.

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