Revenue Marketing Alliance Video Testimonials

September 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lorena Morales

Hi everyone Lorena Morales here, current Director of Digital Marketing and Revenue Operations at JLL. Um why would I attend an event with the CMO Alliance? I think because of the speakers, number one, they are second to none. I think the team has worked on really finding the voices that are stronger in the industry and what they have delivered is really intakes and little nuggets of things that you can really apply to your day to day job and good. would I recommend an event to a fellow marketer. Hell yes, because as we start coming back to in person events and as we start exercising that that social muscle, I think we need a safe space to do it. And the CMO Alliance precisely brings that together for you for me for everyone. Um Thank you everyone. Have a nice day. Bye bye.

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