David Brightman for Revenue Marketing Summit London

September 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Brightman, Director, Demand Gen and Growth, BlackLine

David Brightman: Hello, I'm David, Director of Marketing and Growth Strategy at BlackLine. We're a rapidly growing B2B software company providing accounting automation solutions to large enterprises and mid market companies. Over here at BlackLine, we like to say that we free finance teams from doing the 'sheet' work so they have more time to do the good work.

Can you give us an insight into what you'll be discussing at Revenue Marketing Summit London?

David Brightman: Now, I'm really looking forward to joining a panel discussion at the summit this November where I'll share how we evolved our marketing strategies in the face of changing B2B buying behaviors and why we've developed an all bound process for our frontline marketing and sales teams, which is now an essential part of our revenue system.

What's your best piece of marketing advice?

David Brightman: Now, I've been asked to share some marketing wisdom, which has put me on edge a bit. But here it goes, you need to understand your audience, the people that you're engaging with. And this is, this is somewhat obvious, right? What's more non obvious is how you go about doing that. So my approach, my advice is really to start pitching to your audience or even better walk in the shoes of A BDR or an SDR for a bit. Right hand, your organization, pick up the phone and try to connect with your potential buyers. You'll very quickly realize what keeps them on the phone. And I'm not just talking about your opening time. I really hope to see you there. Thank you.

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