Aviv Canaani for Revenue Marketing Summit Seattle

May 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aviv Canaani, VP Marketing, Datarails

Aviv Canaani: Hey, everyone. I'm Aviv Kanani. I'm the VP of Marketing at Data Rails a round B startup. And I also teach a class called startup marketing at a local university.

What will you be discussing at Revenue Marketing Summit Seattle?

Aviv Canaani: I'm going to talk about the ROY of content marketing or in other words, how to get your CFO to pay for it during a recession. Important to add, our startup actually markets to CFOs as part of our solution. So I'll be happy to share a lot of great research into what CFOs do they care about, especially during this time of the recession and how to actually get them to fund your marketing activities.

Aviv Canaani: Join me at the Revenue Marketing Summit.

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