Respondent Mobile Tutorial

June 07, 2022

Video Transcript

It looks like you've received a link for a Video Collector. A Video Collector is a link where you can record your video responses. Companies, organizations and individuals can send you a Collector through email, text or social media. Let's click on it to leave a response. Collectors typically look like this. Collectors contain five questions or less and should not take more than five minutes to complete. When you're ready to record, click the Let's Go button to get started.

The first question in this Collector is, "What's your favorite thing about Main Street Ice Cream Shop?" In order to respond, you will select Open Video Recorder. Here we are! When you're ready to start talking, click the Record button. Mine's red because I'm using an iPhone. It's okay if it's not perfect because you'll have the opportunity to watch your response later and rerecord if needed. Alright, here I go! Hi there! "My favorite thing about Main Street Ice Cream Shop is definitely the flavors. There's just so many to choose from. I also love the staff, They're so friendly and helpful and I just love trying the new flavors and getting to know the staff there." I clicked the stop record button. Here we are. You can play the entire video to make sure it went through and see that you're satisfied with the response. "Hi there! My favorite thing..."

if you are not happy you can retake the entire video by clicking Retake or if you are happy, you can move on by clicking the Use Video button. Depending on your connection speed, the video might take a few minutes to upload. If it's having issues uploading, you might need to switch the wifi connection or switch to data.

... and it's ready! Some Collectors have more than one question. The limit is five. Now you've got the hang of it and you can answer the other questions. The very last step is to fill out the attribution page. That involves filling in your name, email, sometimes you might be asked for your company name or position. Some organizations or companies will give out an incentive for doing a video response for them so this is pretty important to fill out. Sometimes the Collector will ask you to agree to a video release or custom waiver. That's it!

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