December 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Central Valley , RESET Consultant Power Team. Dr. Bade & Angela, North Valley Power Duo. The "Dream Makers", RESET Program coordinators. Arrika Larson, North Valley Consultant

Dr. Bade & Angela: We're coming for you.

Dr. Bade & Angela: Team bonding!

Dr. Bade & Angela: Strengthening our Skills!

Dr. Bade & Angela: Look at all these gifts! We have to get all these for our teams.

Arrika Larson: Thank you for sending us to RESET University.

The "Dream Makers": We loved meeting each other in person from different service areas, and got to share ideas on trainings and prizes and gifts. It was awesome!

Central Valley : Hey everybody, we're at RESET U it's our final day, we're here in Fairfield. It's been such a great week, getting to be with our team and with Dr fletcher and with Andrew and also getting to meet our North Valley and NSA colleagues. I think my favorite part of this week has been all the different hands-on activities that we've gotten to do to get us ready to roll out in the Central Valley. We really appreciate Andrew and Dr. Fletcher and all the time they've spent all the resources that they've given us, but especially want to thank all the service areas for sharing their experiences and their practical know how, how they've navigated through things, Coming to RESET U, you're going to get amazing tips and resources on how to roll out RESET in your service area. Good luck!

Dr. Bade & Angela: We graduated RESET U! North Valley... We're Coming for You!

Arrika Larson: Let's RESET! Reward Efficiency, Set priorities and Empower Teams.

Dr. Bade & Angela: RESET U

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