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May 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dr. Lina Gourova, Lincoln - H.E.R.O Island. Dr. Laure Lee, Davis - Encanto Island. Dr. Eryn Xavier, Vacaville - RESET OGs. Dr. Mu (The "Mu Factor"), Manteca - The Transformers. Sandra LuVisi, MA, Fairfield - D Best Ohana Island. Dr. Deborah Valtierra, Chief-Vacaville Tortuga Island. Davis MA Rockstars, Jennica, Shereen, Petra, Kevin. Dr. Nguyen & Sarah Flores, MA, Manteca - The Transformers. Dr. Richard Lasslo, Vacaville - Tortuga Island. Dr. Campbell & Lisa, Vacaville - Alcatraz Island. Dr. Venugopal & Edgar Gutierrez, MA, Manteca - The Transformers. Dr. Wilson & Karin Haywood, MA, Napa - Isla TNT. Dr. Vitug & Tina Aquirre, MA, Napa- Isla TNT. Dr. Chelsey Villanueva, Fairfield - Motunui Sea. Dr. Puno & Dr. Pecson, Fairfield- Motunui Sea . Dr. Amy Davis, Vacaville - RESET OGs. Dr. Tuongvi Ha, Davis- Encanto Island. Jessica Mankin, MA, Davis Encanto Island

Dr. Puno & Dr. Pecson: RESET makes us feel... EMPOWERED!

Jessica Mankin, MA: I feel like we have a personalized experience for each patient, which is really awesome!

Dr. Campbell & Lisa: It lets me be the doctor I want to be, I feel like I can get patients in quickly and do everything that needs to be done for them. But it also that doesn't mean I need to stay later in clinic and I get to get home to this baby!

Dr. Vitug & Tina Aquirre, MA: I feel closer to my team or "island", Isla TNT which is short for Tacos and Tequila. For me, RESET has allowed me to get to know our patients better and their needs, keeping them healthy which is why we are here. What I like about RESET is the bonds we have made as a team. We really work great together. Thank you for bringing RESET to Napa!

Dr. Tuongvi Ha: I was just off for 12 days, coming back was so seamless, not like before.

Dr. Wilson & Karin Haywood, MA: One of the reasons I really love RESET is because we have really good control over our schedule, which means that we can get people in on same day appointments or next day if needed.

Dr. Venugopal & Edgar Gutierrez, MA: We like RESET a lot! Big thumbs up!

Dr. Richard Lasslo: Since I began RESET two years ago, RESET has had a positive impact in my practice and in my life, I will never go back to the original way.

Dr. Campbell & Lisa: I think for me as an MA I love it because it allows us, like she said, to bring patients in faster. We have more availability as far as appointments go, which is really nice and just the continuity of it all and being able to see our patients, you get to really know them. So every time they come in for a visit, it's almost like a check in. How are you? How is this? I remember last time, this was going on. So it's very nice to be able to connect with them in that way instead

Dr. Nguyen & Sarah Flores, MA: RESET is just so beneficial. It's beautiful! It's something that Kaiser really needed and makes it more personal for our patients and they thoroughly enjoy it and they are able to honestly get in very quickly with us. With us I love that we're in control of our panel and, control what our day-to-day looks like. If we want a busy day, we have a busy day. If we want a slower paced day and then we work on quality , that's what we do. Every morning I come in and I ask him, hey, how are we looking for the day, and then we just hash it out from there. So I love it! I think it's gonna be great for Kaiser and it's gonna be very, beneficial. What can I say beyond that? It's just an absolute joy!

Davis MA Rockstars: We're from Encanto Island and we love RESET because of autonomy. The team work, the optimism clear skills too. And of course, because we get to "Treat Yo' Self" with the good work. That is our reward. And don't forget chocolates, the chocolates!

Dr. Amy Davis: And I love RESET because it's given me more control over my schedule and it's allowed flexibility and getting my patients in when they need to be seen and really taking ownership and having a team with my MA and the rest of my team. I'm one of the originals, so I really love it. if RESET goes away...so will I.

Dr. Deborah Valtierra: What do I love about RESET? I love that it has brought our team together so much. I love the espirit de corps and the feeling of togetherness, not just between amongst the physicians and providers, but with our medical assistants, We feel much more of these are our patients Let's take care of them together mentality than I ever did prior to RESET. Of course, all the other things are wonderful too.

Davis MA Rockstars: I love RESET because we get to, introduce ourselves more to our patients. Get that one-on-one time. Also, we get more time with our doctor to get to know them and how they work.

Dr. Campbell & Lisa: It's how I imagined it would feel to be a primary care doctor care doctor So please keep it. We love it! Working with Lisa is the best!

Amber Gish, MA: Ultimately, I really like RESET. It was hard to get here. because it's a lot of retraining yourself on how to do things differently. But differently means more effectively. I really do enjoy RESET.

Davis MA Rockstars: RESET makes me happy and loving being a family doc!

Dr. Greg Edwards: You know, so you have that time that you need, if you just need to get home a little bit earlier, some days you can do that. If you want to coach your kids' football team, you can do that. You know, I was never able to do that when my kids were smaller.

Dr. Laure Lee: Hey, what do I love about RESET? CONTROL! When the patient is seen, how the patient is seen, doing today's work today. I find that it's helped primary care with continuity and ownership and you can go home on time.

Sandra LuVisi, MA: It is so good when you are able to work with your doctor all the time and the patients are able to see their own doctor.

Dr. Mu (The "Mu Factor"): After joining the RESET Program, I have more than enough time to take care of even complicated patients with multiple medical problems. And I can manage to have dedicated time to take care of my inbox without distraction, the RESET program helped me to improve my professional satisfaction. Since I can take care of my patients efficiently and in a timely manner, I have more time to take care of my personal and family needs. The RESET program helped me to regain a meaningful personal and family life again.

Dr. Lina Gourova: So that's why I think we should keep RESET because it makes care more efficient and it brings more satisfaction to physicians and our assistants who feel empowered to help us with this care. Our patients seem to be happier too.

Dr. Eryn Xavier: I get to be the best doctor that I can be. I focus on my access, I focus on my quality measures. I try to take the best care of the patients that I can. But by doing that, I get to have flexibility on autonomy and spend time with my three beautiful little babies.

Dr. Chelsey Villanueva: I always say thank you, thank you a million times over to our NSA RESET team. I think that you all work so hard and I hope that we can continue to spread this joy and this love to others. I will shout from the mountain top till the end of my career if possible. That RESET is truly, truly a gift. And I thank you so very, very much.

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