RESET MA's Testimonials: Work feels better!

November 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dr. Campbell & Lisa, Vacaville - Alcatraz Island. Sarah and Tenia, Manteca - Transformers & Charlie's Angels Islands. Alyssa, Emma, Shalea, Rancho Cordova - Ranchero & Cool Ranch Islands. Medina, Aurora, Jolanda, Julie, Roseville - Fantasy Island. Bailey, Vacaville - Alcatraz Island. Jackie, Vacaville - RESET OG's. Esmeralda, Napa - Spice Island

Alyssa, Emma, Shalea: The RESET journey has brought in our morale, has brought in continuity in patients, and being able to manage our own patient panel.

Dr. Campbell & Lisa: Being able to see our patients, you get to know them. And so every time they come in for a visit, it's almost like a check in. Like, how are you, how is this? I remember last time, you know, this was going on. And so it's very nice to be able to connect with them in that way.

Medina, Aurora, Jolanda, Julie: Better patient care, being more personable with our patients, more control over our schedule, more organized.

Jackie: And now I can book a patient same day or if they walk up, and they need to be seen, I can get them in the same day. It's just been fantastic.

Bailey: And not only taking care of their one concern that they're coming in for, but checking up on their other concerns and their screenings, so that we don't schedule them to come back in a couple of weeks.

Esmeralda: That to me makes me feel good because I'm providing care for the patient. I'm listening to their needs and helping them with it.

Sarah and Tenia: I love RESET because it's forever changed my work life. Work no longer feels like work. My patients thoroughly enjoy it. My doctor and I communicate so well. And life is so much better. The reason why I love RESET is that me and my doctor, it feels like more like a family practice, private practice I should say. We get to take charge of our own schedule, and our patients get to be seen sooner, and that's the reason why I love RESET. Go RESET!

Medina, Aurora, Jolanda, Julie: This is how we have fun in MED 9 in our RESET.

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