Fallin' for RESET!

November 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jennica, Shereen, Petra, Davis - Encanto Island. Sarah and Tenia, Manteca - Transformers & Charlie's Angels Islands. Alyssa, Emma, Shalea, Rancho Cordova - Ranchero & Cool Ranch Islands. Medina, Aurora, Jolanda, Julie, Roseville - Fantasy Island. Katie and Luwana, Vacaville - RESET OG's. Bailey, Vacaville - Alcatraz Island. Carey, Susie, Tina, Napa - Isla TnT Island. Marie Michelle and Roanne, South Sacramento - Avengers Island. Jackie, Vacaville - RESET OG's. Esmeralda, Napa - Spice Island

Alyssa, Emma, Shalea: The RESET journey has brought in our morale, has brought in continuity in patients, and being able to manage our own patient panel.

Carey, Susie, Tina: I think RESET for me has made my work environment a lot more pleasant. I developed camaraderie with all of my team. We work well together and we like to do things together and we enjoy each other's communication.

Jackie: The reason we're so successful with RESET is because it's not just me doing outreach for pap smears and MDP's. [The doctors] are sending out just as many messages as I am. They're making phone calls, there are some text messages, some home visits. I mean, we're really doing this together.

Katie and Luwana: Dr. Xavier pretty much lets me run the schedule. I get to look to see what would probably fit best around her meetings, so we can get patients in a timely manner, get them seen and then get them on to whatever needs to be done next.

Bailey: With RESET, I feel we are providing the best care possible to our patients. We're bringing them in sometimes for same day or next day care, and not only taking care of their one concern that they're coming in for, but checking up on their other concerns and their screenings, so that we don't schedule them to come back in a couple of weeks.

Marie Michelle and Roanne: I feel like the patients are happier because they could see their own doctor sooner than later. And a lot of patients have expressed that already. They get shocked when they're able to see their doctor right away.

Esmeralda: That to me makes me feel good because I'm providing care for the patient. I'm listening to their needs and helping them with it.

Sarah and Tenia: I love RESET because it's forever changed my work life. Work no longer feels like work. My patients thoroughly enjoy it. My doctor and I communicate so well. And life is so much better. The reason why I love RESET is that me and my doctor, it feels more like a family practice, private practice I should say. We get to take charge of our own schedule and our patients get to be seen sooner, and that's the reason why I love RESET. Go RESET!


Jennica, Shereen, Petra:

Medina, Aurora, Jolanda, Julie: This is how we have fun in MED 9 in our RESET.

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