What Companies Say About Republican Jobs

October 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Asa Bryant, Fox Bryant LLC. Woodrow Johnston, McShane LLC. Jared Sichel, Winning Tuesday. Vincent Harris, Harris Media LLC. Andy Bakker, Illinois Opportunity Project. Chris D'Aniello, Axiom Strategies. Mason Morgan, Run GenZ

What Clients Say About

Chris D'Aniello: The most unique thing I first noticed when I started working with Republican jobs was their thoroughness in their onboarding process. Dustin and his team do a great job of asking the right questions and really drawing what it is you're looking for in a candidate out of you. As well as adjusting along the way and interpreting your commentary on applicants in a positive constructive way and building upon the relationship, you just get stronger and stronger and more accurate and more accurate. But even right off the jump, that was the first thing I noticed was they really got it.

Jared Sichel: Republican Jobs has helped me fill several roles at Winning Tuesday with capable and passionate conservatives. No one is doing more important work to advance our movement than Dustin and Republican Jobs. Thank you,

Andy Bakker: What set Republican jobs apart was, really the responsiveness and how seriously they took the endeavor. it's really great to be able to work with somebody who has campaign experience and knows how these things go. The urgency and the deadlines that we're under and what we need.

Chris D'Aniello: I would 1000% recommend Republican jobs to any firm hiring in the political space or campaigns. If you're not using Republican Jobs, you're probably burning a ton of time on the recruiting and hiring process. You're probably not getting as good candidates either.

Mason Morgan: Before the launch of Republican Jobs, we always ran into the issue of getting a lot of applicants and spending so much time going through them and finding which were qualified to move on to the next round. Since Republican Jobs has come along, we've been able to streamline that process and make it easier to find qualified applicants faster, to make sure that we can expand our team as quickly as we need to.

Vincent Harris: I would definitely recommend Republican jobs to other firms. I don't recommend it too highly though because we want all of the good talent here at Harris Media. Seriously I've had nothing but the best to say about our experience with Republican Jobs in terms of professionalism, in terms of the quality of the resumes and the people. So Republican Jobs really has their reach is just very deep into conservative organizations and groups and it's been a wonderful addition to our company's hiring practices.

Asa Bryant: The attentiveness communicating with us even sometimes after business hours when good matches for our jobs have been found.

Woodrow Johnston: I would highly recommend Republican jobs to any other political consulting firm political campaign. Anything that has recruitment personnel, human resource needs.

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