Recording in Person - with Marcia Colvin

February 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Corbitt

Generational Story connects generations with timeless stories.

Just wandering around and so the policeman said, do you want us to bring him home, and my dad said, no if he's turned around

Oliver and Cami Corbitt: Okay guys, what did you think of that story? It was very funny.

Oliver and Cami Corbitt: What was the story about Oliver? He ran away. And then what?

Recording is simple and fast!

Marcia Colvin: Tell me a funny story about your childhood. I remember one time when we lived in New Mexico and my big brother did not like to go to school, so my mother would take him to school and he would go in the front door and out the back door.

Oliver Corbitt: Oliver was that easy? What did you have to do? I just have to press a button and it worked.

Marcia Colvin: How easy was that to do Marcia? It was really simple. I was surprised how easy it went, how smoothly it went. And how did you feel about sharing your stories? Oh, I love to share my stories.

Marcia Colvin: I was surprised how easy it is and how well Oliver was able to just read me the questions and get them recorded on his own.

Once you start recording you may never stop...

Cami Corbitt: Cami what do you want to do now? Record!

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