Rand Fishkin Lavall Speaking Video Testimonial (Final) Short

January 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Rand Fishkin, CEO, Co-Founder, SparkToro

Rand Fishkin: Hi, I'm Rand Fishkin. I'm the co founder and CEO of SparkToro. SparkToro makes fine audience research

Rand Fishkin: Uh we hosted an event called SparkTogether in 2023 at Lavall from Growth Skills was one of our speakers and we had extraordinary speakers, telling incredible stories about their experiences in the, in the business and marketing world. But Lavall was perhaps my absolute favorite and, and this is true for many of our attendees as well. The depth and detail he went into with his story, the accomplishments, the ups and downs of his journey, uh how he was able to use data and intuition and insight to build a campaign with several campaigns with incredible performance. Just extraordinary. I'm so excited about Lavall's talk that we actually asked him to come and give it again. That's how good it was.

Rand Fishkin: I speak at a tremendous number of conferences and events and youtube videos and podcasts every week. And so I get to see a lot of speakers and Lavall has turned into one of the absolute best. I'm going to be recommending him to a lot of events and organizers that I talk to. If you run an event, you should seriously consider having him join.

Rand Fishkin: When Lavall shared Growth Skills process for helping clients uh achieve their marketing results, it blew my mind. It not just because they, they do a good job on, on the basics and the technical aspects, but because of the creativity and the thoughtfulness that goes into finding uh opportunities that other businesses in the space, other consultants and agencies, other marketing teams would not even consider. It's that creativity. I think that gives a competitive advantage to Grow Skills work. And that's one of the reasons I I would strongly recommend hiring and working with them.

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