Hardus Van Pletsen for Customer Testimonial Videos

September 19, 2022

Test video

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hardus Van Pletsen, CEO, QuickTrade, Inc.

Could you describe a time that QuickTrade, Inc. helped you?

Hardus Van Pletsen: Hi, um, I want to describe a time that helped me I was struggling to trade and they helped me open a trading account and they helped me get started.

How would you describe QuickTrade, Inc. in three words?

Hardus Van Pletsen: I'm gonna describe quick trade in three quick words um, honest dependable, licensed.

Why is QuickTrade, Inc. different from other similar products or services?

Hardus Van Pletsen: The service that quick trade gives us um what makes it different from other products? I've never used the company that gave service as good as the service I'm getting from quick trained.

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