Natalie Gozdanker for Practitioners Sharing The Wisdom

March 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Natalie Gozdanker, Integrated Health coach & nutritional councillor , Health Within ENT

How did you learn about Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil packs and why do you love our wellness tools?

Natalie Gozdanker: I learned about castro packs of Queen of the Thrones. Through the discussion with the dearest friend and colleague of mine where we're talking about challenges that we face in our practices when we're trying to um detoxify sensitive and immune compromised clients. I actually came across um Castor oil in general many times in my life um including my childhood and later on during my training for nutritional therapy but always associated with me was something which is very difficult to apply which is very messy in nature and which provides very little compliance from the clients. But during this discussion both of us we reinforce the fact that no matter where we stand in our healing journey we um the health of the God and major detoxification organs. This is the key for good health and that's what I like about the queen of the Thrones. Castrol packs because they provide foundation uh to health. Uh in in terms of um first and most importantly they mobilized toxins from the fat cells uh to be properly expelled from the body. They manage inflammation because too much information is not good for us. But to too little information is not good for immune system either. They reduce tension and stress in the body, they improve quality and quantity of sleep. In other words all this in combination creates a foundation for preparation of the body for um more sort of deeper and um uh sophisticated the talks on the cellular level

What is the most inspiring success story your audience has shared with you after using Queen of the Thrones®️ packs and wellness tools?

Natalie Gozdanker: The most inspiring story I would like to share is regarding my client 48 years old lady who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia around 15 years ago and she was with me, um, for a few years now. And then what was what I found challenging with her is that every time we would start a new protocol either is just the change in your diet or energetic protocol or detoxification or any other techniques that we use in our practice. Every time we start something new, she would do well for a few days and then she would collapse with overwhelming detoxification symptoms. And um, queen of the Thrones, casserole packs. Actually played the trick here. They provided this essential foundation for detoxification organs actually, to manage any type of change or the talks at a much slower pace, but with not less um, positive effects actually. Actually, what happened in her case is that she became much more physically active. Um, her sleep improved tremendously. She used to um, uh, sleep only for three or four hours per night. As to opposed to now she actually manages six or seven hours of undisturbed sleep through the night. Not only it gives you an opportunity to be more compliant to have better quality of life in general, but she actually managed to come back to her part time job that she had to quit due to her disability

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