Mary Kay McGowan review

May 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mary Kay McGowan

Mary Kay McGowan: Hi. I'm mary Mcgowan and um I I look horrible but I just wanted to enter this video contest immediately because it's such a I'm so crazy over these castor oil packs. Um I heard from two people to try it. One is a health coach I met at a homeschool play group and she has a website called Sarah smith strength. She's a kettle bell trainer and she's also got a prolapse like a bladder and female prolapse like support and training because she had a horrible prolapse. She said this has like been really helpful. Then I read it in dr sherry 10 pennies or not Sherry 10 penny dr terry walls had multiple sclerosis. Wrote a book called The Walls protocol. She uses these castor oil packs. I heard that on her audible book and then I talked to a health coach who I told I was going to do this for detox. I recently did um a um a coagulation therapy for heavy metal detox. I did one coagulation therapy and I've heard that that's a little dangerous. When I did the calculation therapy, the lab report of my excreted urine toxins was literally off the charts. My doctor was so concerned that he had me immediately get a blood plasma a blood serum plasma level of arsenic reading from a blood test, luckily that was not high but my need to detox was really extreme and I was feeling horrible. I was not sleeping through the night ever. I mean I hadn't slept through the night in like almost years maybe occasionally. I would I was starting to have really bad brain fog. I've only used these castor oil packs three times. I finally, I was actually, I had it for like three weeks before I actually went ahead, open it up, poured the oil on and put it around my body because it just believe it or not. I was feeling so horrible. That seemed too daunting to me like oh I gotta deal with that castrol oil thing and I have really nice bedding and I was afraid it was going to mess it up when I finally did it. I slept through the night. No wake ups at three a.m. No need for more Gabba from Source naturals, No need for more valerian root herbal formula. No need for more kava, kava, no need for another five mg of melatonin. I couldn't believe it. From one night of the castor oil, I believe in it. I can't, I feel better. I feel more energetic in just three days. I'm actually gonna order two more packs and get do them for my breasts and my husband, he needs it. I mean, I think he needs to detox, he drinks alcohol. I don't drink any alcohol, but I think anybody who drinks and potentially has that fatty liver problem, they should definitely be doing it. So I am blown away and I can't, I literally texted my sister like a huge text today. Like you've got to get these things. I love it. Can't I've heard how good it is, I can't even get over it. And I've also heard that coagulation therapy for getting rid of heavy metal toxicity can be pretty dangerous. And so even though it's a wonderful doctor I did that with, I told him I'm just gonna do these um these castor oil packs and far infrared sauna and a lot of like chlorophyll and dark leafy green vegetables. But anyway, I thank you so much. I love the castor oil packs. I'm a believer.

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