Courtney Haller review

May 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Courtney Haller

Courtney Haller: Hello. Hello, my name is Courtney and I just wanted to share my experience with the Queen of Thrones. Castor oil pack. I absolutely love that it's super easy to use. Like it's super comfortable. I can use it whenever I want so I can use it during the day if I'm just like around the house, I could use it when I'm working out, but typically I use it when I go to sleep and it's super comfortable. It doesn't affect, it doesn't affect me when I'm sleeping. So that's very nice. Um And I also love that it's not messy because that's something I was kind of worried about to be honest, but it's not messy, I just put it on and you know it doesn't it hasn't seen my pajamas since I do where it's asleep, it hasn't seen my pajamas or anything, so that's nice. Um But yeah, ever since I've been using the Queen of Thrones, Castor oil pack, it's been about three months I would say I've noticed one of the best things is that I'm not bloated anymore, which is just great because we know how uncomfortable it is to be bloated. Um Yeah, but gloating has reduced a bunch, I'm going to the bathroom in the morning regularly which is another great thing because before I wasn't I wouldn't probably be able to tell you the last time I went to the restroom but now I'm going to the restroom every morning so that's nice and my sleep. I've also noticed that I feel like I'm getting some deep sleep because I'm waking up feeling like rested, ready to conquer the day. So, overall, I've loved using the castor oil pack from Queen of Thrones will definitely continue to use it, and I'm just so glad I found it was actually recommended to me through my nutritionist. So yeah. All right. Thank you. Bye.

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