Mark Client Testimonial

March 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark, Sr. Product Manager, Dunmor

What challenges led your organization to work with QualityWorks?

Mark: So we're a very early stage startup organization, and we don't have a quality department yet. So we were looking on outsourcing quality to get our regression tests and our manual testing accomplished in an effective manner.

Could you describe how QualityWorks helped your organization, including any metrics that come to mind?

Mark: QualityWorks really work to establish fundamental quality assurance within Dunmor and has significantly reduced the amount of bugs that we find on our production environments.

What has been the most significant and impactful difference in working with QualityWorks over other service providers?

Mark: The biggest difference between QualityWorks and other quality service providers is that QualityWorks serves as a group of experts, and they leverage their whole community to really establish refined and robust quality processes within your organization.

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