Vasha Carter for Customer Testimonial Videos

December 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vasha Carter, Leasing Specialist , SVR Commercial LLC

Could you describe a time that qbiq helped you?

Vasha Carter: qbiq has helped me in several different ways, but just recently I used a qbiq software to divide a very difficult and awkward layout. The tenant had a timeline that was really quick. So qbiq came in hand because the software was able to actually put exactly what I needed four offices, conference room and a break room all in this space quickly, effectively, and in a marketing tool that was easy to impress with.

What are the key results the you have seen since you started working with qbiq?

Vasha Carter: The biggest results since working with qbiq in my career is the ability to sign leases quicker, the ability to take my client's assets and fill them up quickly by delivering a comprehensive packet with plans, layout, design ideas in 24-48 hours, which is like no other in my market. So that's probably the biggest result that I've seen with working with them is having the power and by using that tool to make deals happen much quicker.

Why is qbiq different from other similar products or services?

Vasha Carter: before being introduced to qbiq. I've tried a couple of some of the other options out there in the market. And what I really like about qbiq and what what really sets them above the rest is their ability to work with my specialty in the office market. You're dealing with a specific asset, you're dealing with a specific layout and client and you're dealing with a specific timeline. qbiq is the best in all of those things. In my opinion, it seems like the other Softwares are trying to be too vast and you know, they may work in the residential market, they may work more on the design side. This. Uh, software has allowed me to actually use it very easy, it's comfortable to use and it actually works with my specialty. And that is the difference, that is the difference maker with qbiq.

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