Richard for Professional Services Testimonial Videos

October 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Richard

Introduce yourself, and describe how Push Interactions recently helped you or your business.

Richard: Hi, my name is Richard. With Richard's yard work. We recently got in touch with push interactions to build an app to better organize our clients and the weekly schedules that we have and to produce new potential clients. This has actually increased our business ever since the app has been launched. We're very happy with the success of the app.

How did Push Interactions go above and beyond for you?

Richard: The team had pushed interactions right from the point that I reached out to them to the design phase and build their very interactive, supportive in helping me make a lot of decisions in how the app would look uh as well, giving me complete freedom of what I would like to see even in the build stage, was very good because I could see the partial bills along the way and make adjustments as I needed it before the final build.

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