Madison G. MDT Testimonial

December 24, 2023

Madison G., RN describes her experience as a Lead Mobile Drip Team nurse with PureDropIV.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Madison G., RN, Mobile Drip Team

🌟 What's your nursing superpower? πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ’‰πŸ₯#NurseHero

Madison G., RN: Hi, I'm Madison. I am a labor and delivery nurse as well as a mobile drip team nurse with PureDropIV. And my superpower is empathy. Um Something about us labor and delivery nurses is we are very empathetic and we want to make people's experiences so much better. Um We also tend to be really great at putting IV's in very chaotic stressful situations. So that is another secret superpower of mine.

🌟 Any standout experiences you've had with a PureDropIV client? πŸ’§πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ #IVMDT

Madison G., RN: My most memorable moment as a mobile drip team nurse have been with our clients who have chronic illness or autoimmune disease, something that prevents them from maintaining adequate hydration or managing their symptoms on their own. I specifically remember a situation with a client who just had never heard of IV therapy at home before and was really anxious to try. It was having a really difficult time managing their symptoms of their autoimmune disease and it was just a great opportunity to come into their space to come into their world and make them comfortable care for them, provide education about this whole new world of treatment opportunities for them. And um we've built a great trusting relationship and I look forward to those appointments.

πŸš€What lights you up about being a Mobile Drip Team RN @ PureDropIV? πŸ’§ πŸšπŸ’– #MDTRN

Madison G., RN: The most exciting part of working with PureDropIV, for me has been just the endless opportunities for increasing my knowledge around our treatment opportunities. There are so many articles, there's so much research about this and it's really fun to constantly be learning new things and then directly take that to my clients answer their questions and plug it straight into their treatment plan to figure out what works best for them. What's gonna help them achieve their goals, what's gonna alleviate the symptoms that they're feeling? It's so rewarding to learn something new and then see it in action, make somebody's life better. So that's been really just an awesome rewarding part of this job.

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