Zoe Cluck for Employee Pulse Stories

December 21, 2023

Zoe Cluck for Employee Pulse Stories

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zoe Cluck, Pulse Success Specialist

What is your favorite accessory? Please explain why - and how you use it.

Zoe Cluck: My favorite accessory is the medium square pad. Maximus loves it too. You can see, he loves pulsing with me. Um And I usually will end up reading a book while I'm pulsing and I feel like it makes me read faster. Uh Probably just because it helps focus my brain and relax and I read faster. We love pulse pem F.

What is your personal pulsing schedule?

Zoe Cluck: I typically pulse a couple times a week, usually anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes, uh, starting with a whole body accessory and then we'll move into a focal accessory based on what my body is needing at that time.

What results have I seen in my wellness goals from incorporating PEMF into my life?

Zoe Cluck: After incorporating PE MF into my life, I've noticed that I recover faster after workouts. I typically do crossfit a couple times a week. Um And then I go to a place called Hot Works and work out in the sauna and do yoga in there. And I noticed that I recover faster since adding PE MF into my life.

What is your favorite thing about Pulse PEMF technology?

Zoe Cluck: I think my favorite thing about Pulse Pe MF is the adaptability with all of the accessories and in addition to being able to pulse human and animals. Um my, all of my animals, my cat and my two dogs love Pulse Pe MF. My cat typically will join me for pulsing. Um Every time I pulse, whether that's in the chair pad or if I grab the square pad and put it on the couch, he is always in my lap pretty much 99% of the time.

Why do I work at Pulse? What's my favorite thing about working at Pulse?

Zoe Cluck: My favorite thing about working at Pulse PE MF is the people that I work with. Uh the people on the Pulse success team, my boss Tony, um and everyone in warranty repair, everyone at Pulse um is always a delight to work with and we're all working towards the goal of enhancing all life with PE MF.

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