Tara Garbarz for Employee Pulse Stories

January 02, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tara Garbarz

What is your favorite accessory? Please explain why - and how you use it.

Tara Garbarz: Hi. My favorite accessory is the chair pad. Um, it's my favorite accessory because I'm able to get a full body experience as well as easily pair it with small accessories, like my large square pad or my paddles. Um, it's easy for me to just sit back and relax in it. Um, as well as still focusing on specific areas that I went to that day.

What is your personal pulsing schedule?

Tara Garbarz: My personal pulsing routine. Um, is that I try to do as often as possible. Um, I run around and do a lot of activities. So when I have any kind of amount of downtime I'm trying to pulse specifically on weekends. It's a nice, um, relaxing activity for me to do, helps me unwind for my week as well as during the weekdays. I try to do it, um, after work at night and it really helps me relax and unwind for my days.

What results have I seen in my wellness goals from incorporating PEMF into my life?

Tara Garbarz: After incorporating PM F in my life, I have seen more clarity in every aspect. Um I experience being more rested and having more energy throughout my day as well as feeling my personal best more often than not.

What is your favorite thing about Pulse PEMF technology?

Tara Garbarz: The biggest thing that I get out of pe MF is the relaxation aspect. I really use this as a tool to help me slow down in my everyday life and have take some time to myself as well as the technology itself helps me decompress. I can literally feel the stress melting away. Um As I sit on it, I'm able to spend that time to clear my mind and just really reset.

Why do I work at Pulse? What's my favorite thing about working at Pulse?

Tara Garbarz: There's many things that I like about working at Pulse. But one of the biggest things is the individuals that I work with. They are a very caring group of people as well as very dedicated, dedicated to their daily tasks to the overall goals of the company, as well as to our customers. Everyone takes pride in the fact that what they're doing and what they're building is helping enhance somebody's life.

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