Michele Durante for Employee Pulse Stories

February 12, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michele Durante, Sales Director

What is your favorite accessory? Please explain why - and how you use it.

Michele Durante: Hi, my name is Michelle Duranty and I am the sales director at Paul's Pe MF. My favorite accessory would be the large square pad. Uh The reason why I like the large square pad so well is that you can take it and bend it around your body and give yourself a big hug. Um Not only does this provide a level of comfort where you can really relax. Um I feel like it's almost meditative because you can close your eyes and you can feel the magnetic pull through your body. I do have an area of trauma in my upper right quadrant and I know that this push pull effect, I feel it even more there because those cells definitely need more voltage. So as I'm on my health and wellness journey, this modality has been a tool to really help me hone in on the areas that I need to think about.

What is your personal pulsing schedule?

Michele Durante: So my personal pulsing sessions usually are about 20 minutes. I try to do them at least three times a day. Again, it will be variable rates. Uh Like I said, in the last video, when I'm using the chair and the square pad, I like to start at about 5.0 for the um pulse per seconds. And then my magnetic field, I like it turned up very high. However, at the end of my sessions, I do like to turn it up the pulses per second up to about 7.8 for a flushing effect. And it gives me a real charge to get through the rest of my day. So I try to at least get two sessions of 20 minutes a day. Um Sometimes that's difficult, but on good days I can get three.

What results have I seen in my wellness goals from incorporating PEMF into my life?

Michele Durante: I have seen some really great results on my personal pulsing journey. Um, I do use that same square pad with a chair daily. I use it for pre and post workout. Pre workout is when I'm really tired in the morning and I just can't go in and I need to go to the gym. It helps me get jazzed up. It gives me a little more energy, a little more pep in my step to step to get to the gym and it helps me stay in the gym longer as a post workout. Um, I usually use it if I've had a really intense session, especially when I go to yoga classes that are intense. If I do not come home and pulse, I will have a lot of, uh, fatigue and aches. The next day. I have noticed if I pulse 20 minutes after those intense sessions, I don't deal with any of it the next day. So this has been a real game changer in the way I even approach fitness.

What is your favorite thing about Pulse PEMF technology?

Michele Durante: My very favorite thing about using pulse PE MF is that, first of all, it's a high intensity machine. So I know I'm getting that deep penetration that my body needs to restore itself. But the actual feel of the chair and how nice the accessories are made, make for a very comfortable session.

Why do I work at Pulse? What's my favorite thing about working at Pulse?

Michele Durante: So the question was asked, why do I like to work at pulse with this fantastic technology that can help anyone restore balance in their life? I get to engage with the sales team so they can go out and make sure everyone is able to bring this magical unit, this magical system into their life.

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