Patient Video Testimonial

November 19, 2023

Pulse patient describes how acupuncture and herbal medicine have helped her.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Katelyn Zweigle

Describe How Pulse Community Care Has Positively Impacted You

Katelyn Zweigle: I've been a member of the pulse community for a few years now and I can't thank them enough for everything they've done for me. I've been treated by acupuncture as well as herbal medicine. Things that have helped my digestive system, my anxiety, my migraines, it's made me be able to function more efficiently at work as well as just in my personal life and being able to work out without any restrictions. If you are given any thoughts of coming to Pulse community, you shouldn't even think just go.

Why Would You Recommend Pulse Community Care to a Friend or Loved one?

Katelyn Zweigle: I have recommended numerous friends and family to pulse community and getting them over their fears of needles or just herbal medication. I am someone who is more of a holistic approach to medicine rather than let me just take this pill and hope that it solves my problems when in reality, it's really just masking the issue. And so I really appreciate the holistic approach that I get from pulse community and I would recommend it to any of my family, friends or any strangers. Don't be skeptical. It will change your life.

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