John Stoddard, Superintendent, Berkshire Local Schools

June 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: John Stoddard, Superintendent, Berkshire Local Schools

What were some of your biggest challenges before implementing PublicSchoolWORKS?

John Stoddard: Before implementing PublicSchoolWORKS, we had a lot of trouble tracking our compliance tasks. We also had trouble managing the, the different requirements we had for teacher training and along with keeping track of the different teacher training that everyone had and making sure that we could account for the training that they had. In addition, we've used the student behavior modules with PublicSchoolWORKS And before we implemented the student behavior modules, we really had issues with transparency, not that we weren't trying to be transparent, but we didn't always have the ability to give immediate feedback to teachers when an office referral was handled or didn't really have a way to track office referrals effectively. Also, we didn't have a way to get information as quickly and efficiently to parents before we started using that.

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