PSW Testimonial | Scott Harvey, Director, Shelby City Schools

July 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Scott Harvey, Director, Shelby City Schools

What were some of your biggest challenges before implementing PublicSchoolWORKS?

Scott Harvey: I tell you some of the biggest challenges that we faced before we had PublicSchoolWORKS here on board was finding the time, finding locations to get all the staff together, the training requirements, trying to find the proper requirements, everything that we need to train to do and to, you know, to meet all our, state and federal guidelines. It was just a challenge, you know, finding the time to find your appropriate materials and get all your power points, everything you need to do to, set a good meeting and run a meeting and with all the other items and things that our staff had to do for the beginning of the school year. It just became a burdensome, you know, having PublicSchoolWORKS on board and allowing the staff to work at their appropriate rate of time at their own pace. You know, it is been amazing, been helpful for us to give them all if we give them a summer to get this stuff done. Plus some time after school starts to get this done and at their own pace and through their own time and, it's been, it's been a godsend for us.

What is the biggest change or improvement you've seen since implementing PublicSchoolWORKS?

Scott Harvey: Again, the time savings that we have found by using PublicSchoolWORKS as far as administratively, and even staff of, all the training that's required. It's just been a huge help and some of the training that possibly we might not even have done or known about, that's been helpful and good for the staff to have. It's just been a good thing for us and we will always stay with PublicSchoolWORKS they are very, very good to work with.

What is your favorite feature of PublicSchoolWORKS' offerings?

Scott Harvey: Favorite features, you know, it's hard to narrow down. There's so much, so much that I can say good about the PublicSchoolWORKS as, as far as their help and getting you set up with the training, their ease of use of the system. Their great customer service. You can always talk to somebody, email somebody, they always get back to you. We've had nothing but a good relationship. Good work with these, PublicSchoolWORKS and everybody I've worked with has been, been great.

How is PublicSchoolWORKS different from other similar products or services?

Scott Harvey: To be honest with you, I can't compare PublicSchoolWORKS with anybody else because I've never used anybody else. I, I've started with PublicSchoolWORKS many, many years ago when I was searching for some online training to help us out and because of the time restraints, everything that it takes to do it yourself and they have just been, you know, great to work with never even thought of moving on because there was no reason to. They have great customer service, ease of use. Great for the, the training person in charge like me to go back and look through all your testing and your requirements of being finished. Everything that you need to do is there. And so there's never been a reason for me to look at other, other products or, or services out there.

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