Carly Crews | Redlands Fire Department

December 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carly Crews, EMS Coordinator, Redlands Fire Department

Please introduce yourself. Describe your agency and the community you serve.

Carly Crews: Hello, my name is Carly Crews. I'm the EMS Coordinator for the Redlands Fire Department in southern California. We serve about a population of 73,000 people and 36 square miles. We are about 45 minutes west of Palm Springs and 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

What solution(s) did you use before PSTrax? What challenges were you having?

Carly Crews: Before moving to PSTrax, we were using a paper system, which for record retention, became very difficult in making sure that we had all the correct signatures for each day, and the papers were turned into the EMS Coordinator for filing for the four year record requirement.

Why was PSTrax the right fit? How are you using it at your agency?

Carly Crews: PSTrax is a user-friendly, web-based program that the first responders are able to use at their fingertips. Every morning they are able to effectively log their current inventory of controlled substances on their department tablets or on their personal cell phones. This gives real time data to the EMS Coordinator to be able to monitor current inventory and pending expiration.

What's the best thing about PSTrax? What specific results have you achieved?

Carly Crews: With its easy to use web-based program, PSTrax has assisted our department in maintaining a real time account for all of our controlled substances and plan for any expirations in the near future for ordering and restocking.

Would you recommend PSTrax? And why?

Carly Crews: I would highly recommend PSTrax to all agencies as it has streamlined our program and allowed us to better track the systems that we are dealing with and the medications that are on hand. In addition, the staff over at PSTrax is top notch. They are always available to help with anything that we need, they made the building process very simple, and allow us to make changes as necessary as we move forward.

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