Troy Feist | Longwood Fire Department

December 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Troy Feist, Deputy Fire Chief, Longwood Fire Department

Please introduce yourself. Describe your agency and the community you serve.

Troy Feist: Good morning, my name is Troy Feist. I am the Deputy Fire Chief of the Longwood Fire Department. We are a municipal fire department just north of Orlando. We serve a suburban community consisting of some high density but mostly medium density and commercial properties.

What solution(s) did you use before PSTrax? What challenges were you having?

Troy Feist: Prior to PSTrax, we were using primarily paper forms and Excel spreadsheets. Switching to PSTrax has allowed us to be a lot more consistent in our checks. I think that's primarily because the application is accessible from anywhere, which means our mid-level managers, like lieutenants, who are following up on these checks, can check to make sure assignments were completed from anywhere.

Why was PSTrax the right fit? How are you using it at your agency?

Troy Feist: We're currently using PSTrax for our daily truck checks, as well as our medication checks, including our controlled medication checks. We also have an air pack module which allows us to track air packs and air pack repairs, as well as a bunker gear module, which allows us to track our gear.

What's the best thing about PSTrax? What specific results have you achieved?

Troy Feist: From my point of view, the best thing about PSTrax is the accessibility. I can get on the application and see why an apparatus or a piece of equipment went out of service and know what I need to do to fix it. I don't have to pick up the phone and call anyone. I don't have to sift through emails. It's all available in the same spot on the PSTrax application.

Would you recommend PSTrax? And why?

Troy Feist: I would recommend PSTrax primarily for its ease of use. It's helped us get organized, to some degree, and has helped us really track are repairs that need to be made with apparatus.

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