Matt Dailey | Coweta County Fire Rescue

December 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt Dailey , Division Chief Logistics , Coweta County Fire Rescue

Please introduce yourself. Describe your agency and the community you serve.

Matt Dailey : Hi, my name is Matt Daly, Division Chief of logistics for Coweta County Fire Rescue. Coweta County Fire Rescue sits about 35 miles southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. We currently cover 442 square miles. We have 15 fire stations and 220 fire personnel. Coweta Fire Rescue is a fire EMS based department.

What solution(s) did you use before PSTrax? What challenges were you having?

Matt Dailey : Before our department took over with the PSTrax systems, we were currently just going by paper or we were using some Excel spreadsheets to try to keep track of our inventory, our daily checkoffs, and supplies. The problems we ran into was everything from everything getting lost, to equipment not properly being checked off, and just keeping up with our assets. And we realized there was time and money lost along the process before taking over with PSTrax.

Why was PSTrax the right fit? How are you using it at your agency?

Matt Dailey : So before we chose to go with PSTrax we tried a few other systems. There were some other online program, some software that we used. It never really played out to work in our advantage. So with the PSTrax system it actually allows us to be under basically one roof. A few clicks of a button and I can tell you our assets, I can tell you trucks that have been checked off, I can tell you equipment issues we're having, I can even run my budget reports to help us facilitate our annual budgets. So the PSTrax was a better fit. It actually was an all around type program and it fit our needs better than anything that we tried out during our testing process. And the work with PSTrax and their staff was just, it was impeccable work they gave us. They were able to answer all our questions. If there was something we had a problem with, they were willing to either design the program to fit our needs or go through the process to help us understand how it performs and how to use it in our benefits. So that was our biggest draw to the PSTrax, their customer service, their reliability, and the ease of use

What's the best thing about PSTrax? What specific results have you achieved?

Matt Dailey : So the best part about the PSTrax that we have achieved success with is our asset management. So our asset management in the past was on about three different programs. You had three different ways of getting it, and it never really gave you a complete breakdown of all the data you had at hand. And with inventory, with pricing, and everything. With PSTrax that allows me to go through one shop, I can click on one page and find out my equipment, my year it was put in service, the year it goes out of service, how much we paid for the initial price, and anything along the way for its repairs - what that's cost me. So what we've achieved the most is we're able to really fine tune our budget every year through our PSTrax reports, the way we export our files out of PSTrax. It's easy for myself, my administrative assistants to do. It's just a finger click away from getting what you need. Compared to the other systems in the past where I had three or four different programs and everyone requires something different. And to put everything together for budgets it was almost impossible to present a clean budget. With PSTrax We're able to do that within a matter of minutes. Where in the past it took me hours or days to do that.

Would you recommend PSTrax? And why?

Matt Dailey : I would 100% recommend PSTrax to any department that would ask my opinion. PSTrax has been a flawless system for us from the online program, our personnel usage. We have we had no complaints on going through the system, how it works for our people. Internally on administrative side it's always been there for us. We have no issues with that. The customer service is probably the best customer service that we have on anything from equipment to software programs that we run in this fire department. So when I can get on the phone and I can speak to the owner of the company and have a 20 minute conversation about our wants and our needs. And 30 minutes later I receive an email from one of his techs and they're more than willing to help to do whatever we need. They've never let us down. So I appreciate a company like that. We've seen the company grow as our department's grown. Their company is growing also. PSTrax has always been a stand up company to provide us the best service that we've ever received. So we've been very happy and I highly recommend it.

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