Byron Gipson - Pryze User Testimonial Videos

October 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Byron Gipson , Tropical smoothie la17

What prize are you working toward? Or what prize do you want to see on the app?

Byron Gipson : So the price app that I'm working towards would be a visa gift card because with the gift card you can buy whatever you want to from wherever you want to. So there's no limitations on it. I just got me a house. So I'm trying to get me some new furniture. Thank you.

Do you use Pryze at work and has it been easy to use?

Byron Gipson : Well, yes, I do use my prize app at work. I am a general manager so I have to get on my phone a lot of times. But whenever I'm not on my phone, my phone is off and the prize app is on because it's just an incentive to do a job that you are getting paid to do. Make it, make sense. I love it.

FILL IN THE BLANK: "I love this job because Pryze ____________________"

Byron Gipson : I love this job because Prize app is motivating the younger generation of kids, which is very hard to motivate because they're so driven by their phone and social media. It teaches them how to be able to manage their time, do their job and then they can catch up on their social life when they get off work. Thank you, Prize app.

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