Tropical Smoothie Cafe Manager Testimonial Video

August 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Byron Gipson , General manager , Tropical smoothie LA17

Do you use Pryze at work and was it easy to use?

Byron Gipson : I think the prize app is a positive thing, especially dealing with uh today's culture, with kids that like to be on their phone because most of the things you do are on your phone. So it also gives them an incentive not to be on their phone because they are your points. And then it also gives them enjoying event in the camaraderie in a competitive state for them because like that's what most kids enjoy now. Like being competitive. Who's the best, who's this? Who's this? So it gives them an incentive to be on top and to win prizes and be productive at work. So I love the prize app.

How would you describe Pryze in three words?

Byron Gipson : The process is fun, innovative and lucrative.

Did Pryze provide you with extra motivation to work hard and enjoy your job?

Byron Gipson : The prize app has most definitely been lucrative and productive for me because it keeps me off my phone because I am in upper management in my job. And it also encouraged me to keep the crew members off their phone. So if they win I win, so we all win. So that has been very positive and motivating for me to use the prize app and my team.

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